Fitness Quests for 2013

“I try to encourage people to accept and cherish the process of change of fitness in their lives, not just the final product”– Jeff McMullen

What are my top 3 areas of interest to keep people on track, realistic in their ventures, and be an advocate of advice when called upon…

Nutrition Tips:
–1. EAT REAL FOOD – If it grows in the ground or has a mama, you can consume it.
–2. FUEL YOUR BODY ALL DAY – You’ve got to add logs to keep your metabolism fire burning bright.
–3. NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST – It’s your simplest and most efficient way to start the day off strong and vital.

Fitness Tips:
–1. WEIGHTS ARE ESSENTIAL – Don’t fear them, amp up the lean body mass, it’s critical, embrace the burn!
–2. REST IS CRUCIAL – Fitness is cyclic, complete the full circle, rest to refuel and reenergize to perform to your best.
–3. FIND BALANCE – Stretching, mindfulness, and flexibility are essential to any well-rounded physical fitness program.

Fitness Myths:
–1. A QUICK FIX EXISTS – No supplement or exercise is the cure all; fitness is a lifestyle, embrace the gift is ensures.
–2. WEIGHTLIFTING BULKS YOU UP – Weights are actually the key to altering body composition into the positive zone.
–3. CRASH DIETING IS THE ANSWER – a combination of nutrition and a well rounded physical fitness routine is prime. One without the other can lead to frustration.

DECIDE. COMMIT. INSPIRE. SUCCEED. 2013 is a whole new year for growth, change, and prosperity…LIVE IT to the MAX!